This Months Tasks

This Months Tasks - September

September is the time of the year when we should start thinking about our Bees health for the long winter ahead below are some tasks which we should be doing during the month.

Feeding - the bees need to go into the late season with plenty of stores, if you have taken all the Honey off then supplement this with a feed of sugar syrup mixed to a 2 parts sugar (ordinary granulated) to one part water, it is best to make the mix with warm water as this makes mixing easier, but wait until the mixture is cooled before feeding to the bees. To avoid robbing only feed at dusk and reduce the entrance to just 3 bees wide, be sure to feed all the colonies in the apiary at the same time, and check that they are taking the mix down. Only feed as long as the temperature remains above 17°c as then the moisture content will evaporate from the mix and the stores will not ferment in the comb. An alternative to the above mix is to buy a ready made ambrosia mixture - feed as instructed, however the temperature is not as crucial as above in so much as the ready made mixture will not ferment in the comb.  

Make sure that all the hives are weatherproof and the grass is cut around and under them to avoid dampness in the hive.