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Devon County Show 2015


To our team of volunteers who gained third prize at the Devon County Show on the DBKA stand, for their exhibit celebrating 100 years of the W.I and its association with Beekeeping.

The stand charted with the aid of old press cuttings how during the WW1 families were encouraged to take up Beekeeping and harvest the honey to use as a substitute for sugar which was in short supply, and when the war was over soldiers with psychological problems caused by warfare were taught the art of Beekeeping to enable them to have a hobby that provided a gentle form of therapy to aid their recovery.

The Stand also featured honey flowing into a cake, a WBC hive prop and the model bees that are admired by young and old alike!

The stand was manned by volunteers during the 3 days of the show and many visitors to it stopped a while to admire and ask many questions. There was a good take up of the leaflets advertising our branch beginners course which runs from October 2015 to March 2016, and it is hoped that some of those will take up the course.

Many thanks from Tiverton Beekeepers to all the volunteers who manned the stand, but special thanks must go to Janie Cook, Dave Stone & Janet Franklin for all the hard work that they put into the preparation and presentation of the stand before, during and after the show.

Images from this years show, to enlarge simply click on the image.