Bulk Buying Information

Bulk Buying Information


Tiverton Bulk Purchasing Scheme

The scheme is a service that the club offers to all members, who would like to benefit from the savings that can be gained by being part of a group whose individual orders are collated, then placed with a single supplier as a bulk order.

T he aim of the scheme is that 100% of the money saved is passed on to our member’s; the club does not make any money.

The plan for this year

January/February – orders for Foundation, Frames and from Maisemore Apiaries catalogue

July/August – purchase of Syrup to feed to the bees

September – purchase of 1lb Honey Jars

Watch the Buzzette/Website for up to date information

Last year we managed to make a saving of between 15% and 26% on catalogue prices of the above items.

N ew for this year!

This year we are extending the scheme to larger items eg hives, supers, brood boxes, feeders etc from the ‘Maisemore Apiaries’ catalogue at: www. bees-online.co.uk

These will not be discounted but delivery to Tiverton will be free if the order is part of our February order for foundation.

There is no problem with the quality of products from the catalogues, but if you want Rolls Royce quality, hives made from first grade timber, contact David Pearce at Bathealton 01984 623851

Last year’s success story

Over £1,800 worth of frames and foundation - February

120 containers of Ambrosia SyrupJuly/August

35 boxes of Honey JarsAugust /September

Over the year 36 club members have used the Bulk Purchasing service.

Derek Evans Bulk Purchasing Coordinator 07977 922173